Literacy - Phonics, Reading and Handwriting, Writing and Spelling are taught as discrete subjects as they build up basic skills.



Phonics lessons across school are based on the 'Letters and Sounds' approach. Teaching is interactive and multisensory. Children in EYFS and KS1 are taught in small groups daily. Groupings are flexible; and regular assessments ensure tailored teaching; groups make rapid progress through the phonics phases.


Pupils in KS2 who have not yet achieved fluency revisit the 'Letters and Sounds' programme in small groups and their progress is closely monitored by our school SENCO.


We do not have a single reading scheme in school as we use the 'Book Band' approach to graduating individual reading books. Children are taught 'reading' skills during Literacy lessons and during weekly guided reading.



There are a number of authors we recommend for your child to read:
Foundation Stage
  • Nick Sharratt
  • Julia Donaldson
  • Claire Freedman & Ben Cort
  • Barefoot Books
  • Kaye Umansky & Korky Paul
  • Mini Grey
Year 4
  • David Walliams
  • Andy Stanton
  • Guy Bass
  • Roald Dahl
Year 1 & 2
  • Julia Donaldson
  • Michael Rosen
  • Mick Inkpen
  • Roald Dahl
  • Michael Morpurgo
  • Francesca Simon
Year 5
  • David Walliams
  • Anne Fine
  • Jacqueline Wilson
Year 3
  • Roald Dahl
  • Anne Fine
  • Jeremy Strong
  • Francesca Simon
  • Alan & Janet Ahlberg
  • Jeff Brown
Year 6
  • Phillip Pullman
  • Jeff Kinney
  • Dickens
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Cath Kennedy
The Books Trust has also compiled a list of 100 best books for children and can be found using the link below:


Grammatical Terms

Use the link below to download a copy of the grammatical terms we use in school and their definitions, to help improve your literacy skills: