The Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 curriculum has been organised and established in consultation with all teaching staff. It is regularly reviewed and developed in accordance with the School Improvement Plan, recommendations from Ofsted and following consultation with Governors and teaching staff.

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Kingsway Primary School Curriculum

At Kingsway Primary school, we have developed our own bespoke thematic curriculum following guidance from the National Curriculum. Our termly topics are based on the History, Geography or Science Curriculum. Each term there is a quality English text linked to this theme and we also make links to other subject areas wherever possible. Science, Art, History and Geography are all generally linked to the main topic and this holistic approach enables children to experience learning links between subjects which creates interest, inspires learning and deepens understanding. We aim to give children a depth to their learning experiences by covering topics in detail in order to bring the curriculum to life. Links are made to Music, R.E. and PSHE where appropriate.

Character Muscles

We place very high importance on our ethos and Kingsway’s character behaviours are woven through all the academic and social interactions with the children in order for them to become responsible members of the community. Children are given opportunities to participate in individual, group and whole class activities to strengthen their character muscles such as independence, resilience and teamwork. Our curriculum is well resourced and supported by enrichment, visits and visitors.

Academic achievement is important to us at Kingsway Primary but preparing children for life requires more than this. We aim to enrich our children’s cultural capital and empower children as agents of change through our wider curriculum. We aim to develop their leadership and independence as well as engage children in citizenship.  We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through our stimulating, welcoming and secure environment. Our teachers use a variety of teaching and learning styles and strategies to provide opportunities for all children to learn and achieve and to promote their holistic development preparing them for responsibilities, opportunities and experiences of life.

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We place great importance on P.E. within the curriculum as a tool to improve fitness and skills but also as a way to support children’s mental health. All children take part in at least two P.E. sessions a week. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor sporting opportunities including cricket, tennis and swimming. Children receive regular coaching from specialist instructors. We enter children into local competitions to give opportunities for competitive team sports. Our annual Sports Day is another opportunity for children to take part in a competitive yet supportive event. 

We cover the curriculum for PSHE through discreet sessions as well as taking opportunities through the curriculum and awareness days and weeks such as Remembrance Day, Anti-bullying Week and Internet Safety Day. 

Teachers create their assessment of the children they teach through a variety of methods used in their daily teaching:

  • Written and /or verbal feedback
  • Child interactions
  • Quizzes
  • Mini-assessment
  • Observations
  • Peer and self-assessment

There are subject overviews available on our website. We also have Termly overviews for each mixed year groups.

Year Group Curriculum


Year 1/2

Year 3/4

Year 5/6


It is expected that all children will be given the opportunity to learn in a creative and encouraging learning environment which encompasses a range of learning and teaching styles.  All children are entitled to this as part of the ECM agenda.  It is hoped that this approach will motivate and support children’s learning at all levels including the Able and Talented, EAL and children identified with a Special Educational Need (SEN).

Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and review takes place on a regular basis in accordance with the School Improvement Plan, the Creative Curriculum Action Plan and in accordance with the Performance Management Policy.