Vision, Ethos and Values

‘Everyone Thriving in a Learning Community’

At Kingsway positive relationships are well established between children, staff and parents and are the key to a successful and happy school. We understand the  importance of knowing every child uniquely and individually in order for them to be successful.

We ensure that all children know that they have a voice and that their voice is important. We encourage our children to speak up for injustice and to know that they have the potential to be positive agents of change.

We understand and celebrate the importance of diversity in the world and encourage our children to be upstanders, not bystanders. We empower our children by providing them opportunities for them to lead presentations and chair discussions as active citizens in the community.

We want all of our children to feel safe, be happy and to learn in a school committed to personal development, care and compassion.

We are driven by our commitment to:

  • Developing agency for individuals to become empowered and able to make thoughtful decisions and choices 
  • Showing equity in all that we do so that everyone can be successful, no matter who they are
  • Being active members of our community and making positive changes to our evolving world

Kingsway Primary school is committed to everyone thriving in a learning community.

This is demonstrated through our Kingsway Jewel Values.