Before and After School Clubs

Children at Kingsway are able to access clubs before and after school which are delivered by Metcalf Multisports. Find out about them here:

Metcalf Multisports is a sports company with over 15 years experience in primary schools, coaching a variety of sports. We have an approachable and punctual manner and are able to adapt to any environment. We have worked in over 50 primary schools across the East Midlands, predominantly in Leicester and Rugby, providing them with excellence in sports coaching. We possess a committed attitude and have outstanding people skills. We are always willing to work above and beyond to enable children to have a better sporting ability in a variety of sports from football to gymnastics to dance.

At Kingsway, we provide clubs each morning and a variety of sports specific afterschool clubs. 

Our before and afterschool clubs can be found using the following link