Kingsway has a school uniform policy backed by the overwhelming majority of  parents.  The school uniform consists of a red top and dark trousers or skirt. Ideally the top should be a Kingsway sweatshirt or T-shirt obtained from the school office. Alternative plain sweatshirts in the school colour are also acceptable.The Governors have asked that all parents do their utmost to ensure pupils attend school in the correct uniform.


A white shirt/t shirt or blouse worn underneath the top is recommended. When the weather is hot then the white shirt/t shirt or blouse is the preferred alternative. For girls a summer dress in red and white gingham is acceptable.


Footwear should be ‘suitable for purpose’ and not of a high fashion nature. The preferred footwear should be black shoes although dark trainers are acceptable. Please do not allow your child to come to school in shoes with high heels as these can lead to accidents at playtimes. Children should be dressing for work not leisure.
For PE and Games children should have a change of clothing and this includes footwear. However PE lessons in the hall are normally done in bare feet.  If your child has a problem such as a verruca then plimsolls should be worn.


Black or grey shorts, a white or red T shirt are suitable for indoor PE lessons. Plimsolls or trainers with a light coloured sole should also be worn for safety reasons. Warm clothing will be required for outdoor games during cold weather and when the weather is wet and the ground muddy a change of footwear will also be needed.


A suitable bag to protect schoolbooks that may be required for work at home  is recommended.  Bags with the school crest may be purchased from the office.